• November 16, 2021

Cabinet Handles – Why They Matter

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Cabinet Handles – Why They Matter

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Cabinet handles are functional, and they also add to the aesthetic of any room, complementing the overall design. When placed in bathrooms, laundries, en-suites, and wherever else you have cupboards, they need to be comfortable to use and durable.


It is worth investing in good quality, well-designed, ergonomic cabinet handles, as they will last you for years.


Why use cabinet handles?

We use cabinet handles to open and close joinery with ease, which is why it is essential to select a style that you can easily grip. If you can, visit a showroom and try out various designs, ensuring your hands fit comfortably into the handles you like. Pay attention to the overall feel and the edges – are they sharp or uncomfortable in any way? Kitchen cabinet handles get lots of daily use, and you must be happy with the feel and functionality of the design you choose.


Cabinet Handle Types

Cabinet handles are typically available in four models: knobs, T-Bars, pull handles, or edge pulls.


  • Cabinet Knobs: secured with a single fixing point, knobs are a simple solution and straightforward to install.
  • T-Bars: these look great either vertically or horizontally positioned.
  • Pull Handles: offering an upscale look, pull handles are functional and easy to use statement hardware.
  • Edge pulls: a modern and contemporary design, edge pulls lie at the top of the cabinetry for sleek, minimalistic style.


Material and Finish

Choosing a suitable material and finish for your cabinet handles depends on a few things. The priority is to choose a handle that matches the style of your kitchen. For example, if you have a traditional federation-style kitchen, choosing contemporary minimalistic chrome handles and tapware may look out of place. A soft bronze or brass could add elegance and authenticity, and porcelain handles are also stunning in a traditional kitchen.


Other finished include brass, glass, chrome, stainless steel, silver, brushed nickel, and matte black. If you need any advice on which cabinet handles are best for you, contact our friendly team at Brass Décor.


Handle Style

Think about the overall style and feel of your kitchen and your home. The cabinet handles you choose can influence the overall feel, so choose carefully.


Handle Size

Whether you are looking for kitchen cabinet handles or hardware for your laundry cupboards, handles are available in various lengths and sizes. Using the same length handle throughout any room, regardless of the drawers’ width, creates a cohesive, consistent look. If you’re not sure what size is correct, ask the team at Brass Décor for help.


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Choose your cabinet handles from Perth’s respected period and bespoke hardware supplier, Brass Decor. We have an extensive range of period-perfect cabinet handles and hinges available to complement your kitchen design. We supply everything you need for a stunning and authentic period kitchen renovation.


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