• June 8, 2021

Choosing The Perfect Curtain Rod: When Details Matter

brass curtain rod

Choosing The Perfect Curtain Rod: When Details Matter

Choosing The Perfect Curtain Rod: When Details Matter 1000 667 bemedia

The humble curtain rod is the quiet achiever of window treatments. Along with providing support for curtains, the right rod and window dressing combination can transform the look and feel of your room.


Read on to learn more about choosing the right brass curtain rods for your room.


Choosing Curtain Rods

At Brass Decor, we are passionate about every element of your interior design. Each piece should work together to create a cohesive and elegant feel. When you focus on the details, it influences the whole.


Your brass curtain rods should complement the room’s aesthetics, and the first step in choosing your rod is selecting the correct size.


Choosing the right sized curtain rod

First, accurately measure your windows. Typically aim for a curtain rod that extends 76 mm – 102 mm on either side of the window frame as this makes your windows appear bigger.


Standard curtain rod sizes

Curtain rod size depends on the window, and many curtain rods are adjustable.


Measuring tips

It’s essential to measure your windows accurately. Follow these simple tips:


  1. Measure twice to double-check your work, and round to the nearest 6 mm Measure each window, as even if you think two windows are the same size, it’s unlikely
  2. Add an extra to your measurements if you want to use finials.

Which curtain rods you choose will depend on the material and weight of your curtains. Heavy damask curtains should be paired with thicker brass curtain poles at least one inch thick, while thinner rods are best for lighter, sheer fabrics.


Choosing a suitable material for your curtain rod

Wood and metal are the most popular curtain rod finishes and work well in most rooms or homes. Brass finishes add sophistication and style to any heritage or period home. Boasting top-tier finishes, our selection of antique-styled curtain rod brackets and poles are the perfect addition to your period home.


The finishing touches

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect curtain rod, it’s time to add finishing touches with some accessories.


Finials: these are the decorative pieces that sit on the end of your curtain rods. Finials prevent curtains from sliding off.


Tiebacks: these hold your curtains back from the window when they are open and are a glamourous touch to any room.


Complete the look with Brass Décor

We know that choosing the right curtains rods can be challenging. Brass Décor’s range of period curtain rods is the perfect finish to any character home, from brass curtain poles to finials and tiebacks. Let us help you with your selection.


Please find our full range of curtain rods and period-specific finishes in our Inglewood showroom at 845 Beaufort St Inglewood WA 6052browse our product catalogues online, or call us on (08) 9279 8654 to find out what’s in stock to suit your period home.

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