• March 31, 2022

Home Lighting Tips For Healthier Eyes

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Home Lighting Tips For Healthier Eyes

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Take a moment to consider the spaces in your home where you spend the most time. For many people, the kitchen and the living area are the two rooms used the most, so it is essential to get the lighting right. The type of lights you use can alter not only the ambience of your home but also your eye health.


Good indoor lighting is essential for preventing tired eyes; it can keep them healthier and even enhance your mood.


Here are some lighting tips for healthier eyes.


Ensure you have even light distribution

It takes time for eyes to adjust from brightly lit to more dimly lit areas. This constant adjustment can exhaust your eyes, leaving them feeling tired and gritty from strain. It’s vital to ensure there’s a relatively even distribution of light sources across the rooms in your home.


Use dimmer switches

Even though consistent lighting is essential, it’s not good to expose your eyes to bright lights all the time. To help, consider installing dimmer switches on your lights. While intense lighting may be needed when performing tasks, we recommend reducing strong light sources while you’re relaxing in the evenings. Dimming your lights can help reduce eye strain and help create a calmer mood.


Use task lighting

If you spend time working or doing activities at home, it’s essential to use the right lights to match your needs. Desk lamps, overhead lighting, and spotlights are recommended for reading, writing, and other tasks requiring focused vision over long periods. Small lamps with moveable arms or swivels you can lower or raise effectively direct light where you need it. Place task lamps near desktops, workspaces, reading areas, or food preparation surfaces to ensure you use them correctly.


Fix any flickering fluorescents

Fluorescent lights can sometimes flicker when they warm up. The strobe-like effect of flickering bulbs can cause eyestrain and headaches, so ensure you choose high-quality, stable light bulbs and fixtures or opt for LED downlights instead.


Avoid glare

As you get older, your eyes become more sensitive to glare. Avoid glare by choosing soft lighting for your relaxation areas. Choose an elegant table or a standard lamp, and ensure you have a dimmer on each fixture.


Safety lights

If your home has dark, narrow hallways, or staircases, consider installing stair lights or LED light strips. Safety lights can help you navigate tricky areas without overexerting your eyes.


High-quality lighting is more accessible than ever before, especially when shopping at Brass Décor. The tips above give you an idea of how you can make your home beautiful to be in and safe for your eye health.


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