• November 20, 2020

Period Home Restorations: When to Source Tapware

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Period Home Restorations: When to Source Tapware

Period Home Restorations: When to Source Tapware 715 477 bemedia

Home renovations, even small bathroom makeovers, can be truly transformational and thoroughly enjoyable – if you plan properly. From the big jobs like removing walls, to the smallest details like the right tap handles and brass light fixtures, there are many benefits to good planning:


  • Eliminate delays
  • Save on labour costs
  • Renovation is finished faster
  • More cohesive design
  • Less disruption to your life

We’re focussing on tapware in this blog because it’s one of those often-overlooked details that elevates a period home transformation from drab to delightful.


Plan tapware early at the same time as plumbing

One of the first steps in planning a period home renovation is the logistics for things like plumbing and electrical. If your restoration is contained to the bathroom or laundry then you might not need to factor in an electrician, but you still need to source a plumber.


DIY plumbing is not just irresponsible, it’s actually illegal – you can face big fines for attempting your own installation.


However, this gives you a great opportunity to take care of an important detail. Sourcing tapware early makes it easier for a plumber to provide an accurate quote (without hidden cost contingencies) and has several significant benefits during the renovation process.


5 great reasons to source brass tapware in the planning stage

There is nothing more heartbreaking than discovering a fixture doesn’t fit, or your pipes aren’t plumbed correctly to accommodate your brand-new tapware. Sourcing tapware early, at the same time as planning the plumbing, ensures everything comes together with no avoidable delays or unexpected costs.


  1. Avoid delays caused by missing materials
  2. Get the exact brass tapware you want
  3. Save on re-working and labour costs
  4. Design every detail to match
  5. Take a weight off your mind early

Tapware comes in so many styles, shapes, sizes and finishes. We often find people want to take their time choosing tapware because the decision is a mix of feeling and preference. Plus, starting the process early means you can shop around more for the best deals on high-quality tapware.


How to choose the right tapware for character homes

Matching décor

Tapware ties the room together. It can be an accent, a complimentary feature, a statement or a subtlety. Brass Décor has solutions for all styles.


Tapware materials

Every component from the aerators and washers to the art deco tap handle should be made of durable, non-toxic, high-quality materials.


Choose quality, not cost

Cheap tapware not only looks tacky, but it is more likely to fail sooner due to sub-par components. Well-crafted Australian made taps are a small investment with big benefits.


Only buy from a trusted supplier

Choose tapware with a long and detailed warranty, and purchase through a supplier with a good reputation. In case anything goes awry, you have peace of mind that the supplier will put it right.


Include Brass Décor in your plans

Brass Décor has an extensive range of period-perfect tapware and bathroom accessories. From Australian made art deco tap handles to high-quality tap fittings, we supply everything you need for a hassle-free and affordable period home renovation.


Browse our catalogues online, give us a call or visit our showroom at 169 Stirling Highway to get a feel for the best tapware in Perth.

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