Bathroom Accessories

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From magnificent Australian-made tapware to delicate soap dishes, Brass Decor has a vast collection of bathroom accessories to transform the look of your home’s bathroom completely. When tastefully selected, the right bathroom accessories can come together to add a touch of glamour like no other.


With Art Deco style bathroom cabinets, brass door handles and locks and other traditional bathroom accessories, there are countless options for you to browse in store and online!



Brass Bathroom Door Handles & Locks

Available in polished brass, our brass door handles and locks are quintessential for making any bathroom look and feel magnificent. As one of the oldest and most commonly used alloys, brass is valued as one of the very best choices for your home’s bathroom fittings.


In fact, our brass bathroom door handles and locks are some of our most popular and sought-after bathroom accessories. Suiting both contemporary and classic interior trends, brass never fails to stand out as an effortless and sophisticated option. Best of all, you can rest easy knowing our brass bathroom door handles and locks have been flawlessly crafted to last a lifetime.



Art Deco Bathroom Accessories

Play up the Art Deco theme of your bathroom with our superb bathroom accessories that are evocative of the style. From exquisite tapware and towel hooks to polished door handles, we have you covered!


It’s easy to get excited with the sheer range of Brass Decor’s Art Deco bathroom accessories. Be it your bathroom cabinets or basin areas, you can embellish and update every aspect of your bathroom with our Art Deco accessories. To us, nothing exudes elegance and modernity more than the Art Deco style.



Traditional Bathroom Accessories

As trusted suppliers and experts in the business, Brass Decor has a broad collection of traditional bathroom accessories for you to consider. We pride ourselves on providing only the finest products that there are in the industry.


We recognise that bathrooms don’t have to be dull – and with an array of price points and freedom of choice, you can now make your bathroom a fully customisable project. Simply choose from our high-quality tapware, luggage racks, towel rails, hat and coat hooks and toilet roll holders available in a range of colours and styles.


With Brass Decor, you are able to enjoy the sleek finishes of our gorgeous bathroom fittings. These finishes include brass in various textures, as well as bright chrome and satin chrome. Not to mention, we also offer bathroom accessories made from more distinctive materials such as bronze, black and white porcelain, nickel and copper.


For any advice or queries about our bathroom accessories, don’t hesitate to call us on (08) 9386 6057 or contact our team today!

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