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For years, Brass Decor has been lighting the way towards helping our customers’ to recreate their vision of the perfect period home.

With all kinds of beautiful heritage homes in Perth, we recognise that the right period house lighting is essential in exacting any architectural style. If you are renovating or restoring an old home, it is important to note that lighting will be one of the final make-or-break aspects to consider.

To gather some inspiration and be one step closer to your dream period home, simply browse our collection of light fittings and switches below!



Internal Lighting

We believe that lighting is more than just about practicality. Without a doubt, lighting goes hand in hand with achieving incredible interior design. Whether you’re looking to brighten up your living room with or invest in unique period light fittings and switches, Brass Decor has it all.

With glistening chandeliers, bespoke ceiling lights, lamps, wall sconces, brass light fittings and more, we can help you to breathe atmosphere into your beloved heritage home.



Task Lighting

From your kitchen to your bathroom, no home is complete without sophisticated and reliable task lighting. Our collection of period light fittings and switches include gorgeous lamps, focused ceiling lights and down lights. Our lights will make a dramatic difference in the look and feel of your period home as you carry out your routine day to day.

As well as that, we believe that the root of productivity lies the ideal work space. As such, task lighting is an indispensable element one should always value within their own home office. Aside from adequately illuminating a room and easing the strain of your eyes, the ideal task lighting has also been proven to contribute to more efficient working habits.



Exterior Lighting

When it comes to designing outdoor spaces, lighting is never to be forgotten! The right lighting is an absolute need, especially for your family and guests when entertaining outdoors.

Brass Decor’s period light fittings and switches are here to complement and bring out the subtleties of your home’s stunning exterior. Make bland outdoor areas a thing of the past by investing in quality outdoor lighting that will enhance your lifestyle!



Lighting Styles

Our team at Brass Decor has ensured that our lighting range is not only affordable, but also brimming with variety – in order to cater to the individual tastes of all our valued customers. Find our light fittings and switches available in styles such as antique brass, bronze and chrome.

Not to mention, we also carry light fittings and switches in brushed and antique nickel – as well as glass and hand blown glass. With countless modern and period house lighting options to choose from, we can’t wait to show you what we have in store.

For an expert opinion, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated team in Perth!

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