Cabinet Hardware

At Brass Decor, we know that it’s all in the details.


As a locally run company in Perth, Western Australia, we stock a large range of vintage, antique style and new-look cabinet and drawer hardware to suit all kinds of unique interior styles and period homes.


Whether you are striving towards the Victorian era, French provincial and Hamptons style, or perhaps more of a rustic country feel, you can confidently take the next step of your project knowing we have every cabinet fitting and door handle imaginable.


Browse our extensive collection of cabinet and door handles below:



Antique Cabinet & Furniture Handles

For those who are drawn towards a sense of old-world charm, you will find yourself delighted with our range of antique styled cabinet handles. Sourced and made in the UK, our antique styled cabinet handles are characteristic of various ancient periods of architecture; all you have to do is take your pick.


Despite their aged look, there remains no compromise to the quality or durability or our antique styled cabinet and furniture handles. Simply look closer and you’ll notice their incredible detailed finishes.



Brass Cabinet Handles

Carrying a beautiful golden sheen, our brass door handles are fit for any cabinet or drawers in your home. A timeless alloy comprised of copper and zinc, brass has been used for centuries due to its strength and malleability – both decoratively and mechanically in statues, instruments, tools and even medical applications.


With our brass door handles, you can rest easy knowing they will last for many years to come – due to their ability to resist wear and corrosion.



Art Deco Hardware

Why not show off your love for the arts with our Art Deco door handles? Taking inspiration from the various influences in the 1920s, the Art Deco movement holds an appreciation for modernity close to its heart. Found in everything from architecture to furniture, the decorative style continues to live on today – and at Brass Decor, we’re ready to let you embrace it.


With our Art Deco door handles crafted in Europe and India, you can let the Art Deco style come to life in your own humble abode.



Vintage Handles

Reminiscent of the good old days, our vintage door and drawer handles will complement any Australian household or period home. Let our range of vintage door and drawer handles take you back in time as you decide on the perfect addition to your home’s interior.

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