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When it comes to extraordinary design, the little details always make a difference in your home – and door and window hardware are no different.


With Brass Decor’s striking range of antique style door handles, brass doorknobs and other high-quality hardware, you can shape your beloved home into becoming the most stunning version of itself.



Antique Styled Door Handles

With antique inspired door handles from Brass Decor, your guests will immediately be in awe of your attention to detail the moment they knock on the door. Commanding traditional charm, your antique door handles are amongst the first few things that people will notice about your home.


Regardless of your choosing, your newly acquired antique styled door handles will be sure to be admired by both architectural design enthusiasts and visitors alike. Be sure to take advantage of our wide selection of antique door handles, all at affordable price points!



Brass Door Handles & Knobs

Manufactured from top quality brass, any brass door hardware from Brass Decor is bound to get those heads turning. We know that the very first impression counts, which is why we are passionate about what we do.


Let us help in adding that finishing touch to your prized property with the best door handles and knobs for your requirements. Whether it’s for internal or external doors, our brass door handles and knobs can make a powerful statement in any space. From classic designs to more contemporary options for the modern-day Australian home, Brass Decor has the solution for your functional and styling needs.


As well as that, our collection of brass door hardware pieces also includes sliding door handles and door levers, as well as push and pull handles in different styles.



Brass Window Hardware

True to our name, Brass Decor is a highly recognised local supplier of brass window hardware in Perth. Comprised of premium grade brushed brass, our exclusive range of brass window hardware is ideal for use in many types of household windows.


From sash and awning windows to double hung, sliding and casement windows, we have just the right type of brass window hardware that you might require. No matter your budget, you can place confidence in us knowing you are purchasing from an industry-leading business.


As well as that, we offer additional brass window hardware options such as window locks, levers, lifts, fasteners and stays – to ensure your needs are met comprehensively.



Need A Hand?

For those hoping to learn more about our antique styled door handles, brass door knobs or brushed brass window hardware, we are here to help and put you at ease. Please consult one of our friendly team members over the phone on (08) 9279 8654 or pay us a visit in store at our Inglewood location!

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