• June 10, 2020

2020 Trends for Hardware

Kitchen with mixed metals

2020 Trends for Hardware

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With things quietening down, you may be spending more time at home than ever before. As such, it may be the perfect time to get busy with home projects – and what better way than to take your house to the next level?

For a dose of creative inspiration, we’ve rounded up the top 2020 trends for hardware just for you:

Oversized Pulls

That’s right, we mean oversized pulls on your cabinets and doors! These work especially well for larger kitchens, and can suit both modern and heritage homes. Built for both function and elegance, oversized pulls are certainly a welcome trend this year.

Mixed Metals

You may be well aware of mixing textures – but what about mixing metals? Though commonly deemed a fashion faux pas, mixed metals are one of the trends taking over in 2020.

Mix things up and depart from your usual brass pull handles with some contrasting metals. Why not get eclectic by pairing gold hardware with silver hardware?  Or, if you’re wanting to dip your toe into this trend, opt for metals of a similar colour palette. Combining warmer toned metals – such as nickel, bronze and brass pull handles – together is a great example!

Weathered Finishes

Typically used in rustic and farmhouse styles, weathered finishes are becoming a favourite. Giving off a warm and charming feel, weathered hardware such as antique nickel, brass and bronze are not to be overlooked.

Champagne Gold

Champagne gold hardware provides an exceptional contrast to cabinets, drawers or fixtures which are painted in colours such as a rich blue. For those after a sense of luxury and class, make champagne gold your next hardware trend to conquer.

Layering the Old and the New

We all love our period homes, but an updated heritage home can be a true architectural masterpiece. For most, this means updating key areas such as one’s bathroom or kitchen. In fact, homes across the globe are taking inspiration from this trend with modern kitchens featuring vintage pulls. It’s a clever way to incorporate both the old and the new when restoring your home!

Experimenting With Style in the Bathroom

Whether you’re taking a shower, grooming oneself or getting dressed in the morning, our bathrooms are a vital part of our everyday routines.

Our environment directly reflects our mood, we think it’s important to experiment a little with your bathroom decor! Have fun with trying out different styles of hardware your bathroom.

For a start, step away from chrome hardware finishes – which have dominated the last 10 years – and opt for something new like a new set of brass pull handles!

Drawer with oversized pulls  Copper tapware

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