• November 20, 2020

4 things to consider when restoring period homes

restoring period homes

4 things to consider when restoring period homes

4 things to consider when restoring period homes 1000 662 bemedia

Perth’s character homes have a distinct an indescribable charm. From the first Victorian homes to Federation-era workers’ cottages, through to 1920s and 30s art deco design, there is something special about owning a period home.


However, technology and modern comforts have come a long way in 100+ years. While the charm of burnished brass light fittings never fades, it can be tempting to modernise a period home, jeopardising a piece of history in the process.


Here are 4 ways to preserve the original charm when restoring, renovating, or contemporising a period home in Perth.


1. Blend the old with the new

There are interior design solutions available across Perth that carefully and creatively echo bygone eras, while bringing safety and comfort up to 21st century standards.


  • Update brass light fittings for electrical safety
  • Crumbling or tarnished antique door handles can usually be replaced with a modern reproduction
  • Mix period-specific and modern materials for contrast
  • Make the period features a statement, surrounded by modern additions

Finding balance between modern comforts and old-world charm is much easier nowadays.


2. Do your research

Each era in Perth’s architectural history had its own style conventions, prevailing materials, prominent designers and standout pieces.


  • Federation workers’ cottages feature an abundance of red brick, terracotta roof tiles, and elegant brass door handles
  • Art deco in Australia was defined by curves contrasted with bold geometric lines and intricate art nouveau patterns
  • Try to find original photographs, news articles or construction records

There are some traditions that should be preserved. Research the era your home was built in and try to bring back some of the original design elements that might have been lost during the decades.


3. Don’t demolish a piece of history

What seems quirky or kitsch at the start of the renovation can turn out to be the charm that binds a project together. Before you brick up a disused fireplace or chip away at federation tiles, consider how the feature could be transformed.


  • Restore old staircases with modern railings
  • Rejuvenate art deco ceilings with period-specific brass light fittings
  • Turn a fireplace into an artistic display
  • Salvage antique brass door handles and try to match them with a modern replacement

Think carefully before swinging a sledgehammer because once it’s gone, history isn’t coming back.


4. Consult the specialists

Perth’s period homes are treasured by more than the occupants. Finding the right period home renovation expert will help you to make considered, cost-effective choices while keeping the charm alive.


  • Speak to other period homeowners
  • Work with trusted suppliers who know period homes
  • Engage specialist character home architects and tradespeople

The difference between a classy renovation and cutting corners is in the details. Speak to Brass Décor to find the right antique-style door handles, brass light fittings and tapware to suit your home.


Visit Brass Décor for the finishing touch

No period home restoration is complete until the last brass light fitting or antique door handle is in place. With our wide range of period home fixtures, and our team’s passion for Perth architecture through the eras, you are sure to find the right solution in our showroom at 169 Stirling Highway, Nedlands.


Call us on (08) 9386 6057 to discuss your specific requirements or browse our catalogues online to see our range of Australian-made, exceptional quality products.

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