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The Importance of Outdoor Lighting

Good lighting is more than just safe illumination of space to allow to completion of tasks. Lighting influences the look and feel of an area and has more impact than you may realise. With different styles, sizes, colours, and placements, lighting fixtures can transform a home’s appearance, both inside and out.


Why invest in outdoor lighting?

Your garden is an extension of your home, and the plants, furniture, and other types of exterior décor you have all contribute to its beauty. It’s outdoor lighting that helps create mood and ambience. Whether it’s a traditional Australian heritage home with a cottage garden, or an ultra-modern home featuring brass accents and accessories, the lighting you choose should match your chosen aesthetic.


Don’t just illuminate your garden yard to see; illuminate it for style

Outdoor lighting should be functional and beautiful. Brass Décor offers an extensive range of exterior lighting options that bring an extra level of style and beauty to outdoor areas.


Illuminate your entry

Adding beautiful front door lighting is the perfect way to welcome yourself and visitors home. From recessed lighting to stunning antique scones on either side of the door, the lighting you choose will not go unnoticed. Consider hanging a statement pendant above the front door or mount them on either side but ensure the fixtures you choose suit the style of the home. Don’t be afraid to be creative.


Light up your garden path

If you have a heritage home, a traditional lamppost adds a new level of authenticity to your property, and our range of Collins Street Lamps offers you plenty of options. They add character even during the day, adding that extra special something – a nod to times past. Or you could consider adding a light to the top of a pier or column. Pier mount lights highlight the beauty of brickwork in older homes.


Extend your living space

Outdoor lighting allows you to use your garden at night, giving you extra useable living space, which is ideal, especially if you love entertaining.

Are you looking for modern lights?

From stainless steel and brushed nickel to classic brass finishes, we offer lighting to suit all styles and types of homes.


Benefits of outdoor lighting

Whether you own a single-family period home, townhouse, or duplex, give outdoor lighting the same consideration as indoor lighting as exterior lighting:

  • Improves safety after dark – ask about our security lighting
  • Allows you to move around the garden easily at night
  • Highlights and adds drama to your landscape design or architectural features
  • Creates ambience in your seating or entertainment area
  • Increases curb appeal – a well-lit home looks inviting.


Complete your exterior with lighting from Brass Décor

Our extensive range of exterior light fittings is available in antique brass, bronze, and chrome. With countless modern and period house lighting options to choose from, we can’t wait to show you what we have in store.


Please find our full range of light fixtures and fittings in our Nedlands showroom at 169 Stirling Highwaybrowse our product catalogues online, or call us on (08) 9386 6057 to find out what’s in stock to suit your exterior landscape.

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Home Lighting Tips For Healthier Eyes

Take a moment to consider the spaces in your home where you spend the most time. For many people, the kitchen and the living area are the two rooms used the most, so it is essential to get the lighting right. The type of lights you use can alter not only the ambience of your home but also your eye health.


Good indoor lighting is essential for preventing tired eyes; it can keep them healthier and even enhance your mood.


Here are some lighting tips for healthier eyes.


Ensure you have even light distribution

It takes time for eyes to adjust from brightly lit to more dimly lit areas. This constant adjustment can exhaust your eyes, leaving them feeling tired and gritty from strain. It’s vital to ensure there’s a relatively even distribution of light sources across the rooms in your home.


Use dimmer switches

Even though consistent lighting is essential, it’s not good to expose your eyes to bright lights all the time. To help, consider installing dimmer switches on your lights. While intense lighting may be needed when performing tasks, we recommend reducing strong light sources while you’re relaxing in the evenings. Dimming your lights can help reduce eye strain and help create a calmer mood.


Use task lighting

If you spend time working or doing activities at home, it’s essential to use the right lights to match your needs. Desk lamps, overhead lighting, and spotlights are recommended for reading, writing, and other tasks requiring focused vision over long periods. Small lamps with moveable arms or swivels you can lower or raise effectively direct light where you need it. Place task lamps near desktops, workspaces, reading areas, or food preparation surfaces to ensure you use them correctly.


Fix any flickering fluorescents

Fluorescent lights can sometimes flicker when they warm up. The strobe-like effect of flickering bulbs can cause eyestrain and headaches, so ensure you choose high-quality, stable light bulbs and fixtures or opt for LED downlights instead.


Avoid glare

As you get older, your eyes become more sensitive to glare. Avoid glare by choosing soft lighting for your relaxation areas. Choose an elegant table or a standard lamp, and ensure you have a dimmer on each fixture.


Safety lights

If your home has dark, narrow hallways, or staircases, consider installing stair lights or LED light strips. Safety lights can help you navigate tricky areas without overexerting your eyes.


High-quality lighting is more accessible than ever before, especially when shopping at Brass Décor. The tips above give you an idea of how you can make your home beautiful to be in and safe for your eye health.


Brass Décor

As trusted suppliers and experienced professionals in lighting fixtures and fittings, Brass Decor has an incredible range of lighting products for you to consider. We pride ourselves on providing only the finest fixtures and fittings available.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find the perfect products for your home.

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The Importance of Lighting Interior Design

Interior lighting is one of the most important aspects of any living space. Light alters the mood of a room in an instant. No one enjoys a romantic dinner in a brightly lit room; it’s the shadows and muted lighting that creates ambience. When designing a space, you must define the experience you want to create by selecting lighting that reflects that definition. Indirect lighting creates intimacy, encouraging relaxation, while white and direct overhead lighting activates our brains and allows us to see smaller details. 


Choosing the right type of lighting can be challenging, and once you’ve chosen your lights, you need to think about light placement. 


Firstly, you’ll need to decide on the type of lighting you need in each room. You can typically break this into three different kinds: accent, ambient, or task lighting. Let’s look at the three different types.


Accent lighting

Accent lighting adds drama to a room by creating visual interest. As part of a considered interior design scheme, ambient lighting draws the eye to artwork, sculptures, and featured furniture and can also be used to highlight the texture of a brick or stone wall, window treatments, or outdoor landscaping. Think of accent lighting as a kind of mini spotlight. 


Recessed and track lighting or wall-mounted picture lights are typical accent lighting. 


Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting creates warmth and atmosphere by gently illuminating a space with a gentle glow. Using a dimmer switch helps the functionality of ambient lighting, allowing you to lighten or darken a room depending on your need. Also known as general lighting, ambient lighting will enable you to see and walk about safely. Typically, ambient light fixtures include dimmable chandeliers, ceiling or wall-mounted fixtures, and even recessed or track lights. Having a central ambient light source is critical in a good lighting plan.


Task lighting

Task lighting is predominantly functional, allowing you to perform specific tasks, such as reading, working, cooking, and more in a well-lit space. Task lighting often includes recessed and track lighting, pendant lighting, and under-cabinet lighting, as well as floor and desk lamps. Task lighting should be free of distracting glare and shadows yet bright enough to prevent eye strain.


As you may have noticed, most lighting needs to be multi-functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. If you need any help choosing lighting for your heritage or period home, don’t hesitate to contact us about our light design service.


Choose Brass Décor lighting to illuminate your home

Our extensive range of light fittings and switches are available in various styles, including antique brass, bronze, and chrome. We also stock light fittings and switches in brushed and antique nickel and glass and hand-blown glass.


Please find our full range of light fixtures and fittings in our Nedlands showroom at 169 Stirling Highwaybrowse our product catalogues online, or call us on (08) 9386 6057 to find out what’s in stock to suit your home.

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How To Identify Antique Brass

If you have purchased an older home featuring brass-like fixtures and fittings or discovered what looks like antique brass curtains rods, you may be wondering whether your find is authentic brass.


Historically, people made candlesticks, lamps, vases, beds, horse brasses, musical instruments, and more from brass. Identifying genuine brass can be challenging for several reasons, as sometimes brass is lacquered to prevent tarnishing or painted to ‘modernise’ its look. How you store brass can also affect its appearance dramatically.


We can help. Let’s look further into how you can identify antique brass.


First up, is your item solid brass?

Often, much older items are made from solid brass. However, it is also common to find pieces that are brass plated or wrapped with a thin patina of brass. Use a household magnet to see if your item is solid brass. Hold it against the item, and you feel a pull, or it sticks to the side; it’s a good sign the item is brass-plated, as the underlying metal is typically iron or steel – both magnetic. If the magnet falls off, or there is no ‘pull,’ assume the item is solid brass.


What are the typical features of antique brass?

Colour: expect to see significant variation in the colour of antique brass items. This colour variation is because brass is an alloy typically made of zinc and copper, with no defined quantities of each metal. Brass with more copper in its composition tends to be redder, while brass comprised more of zinc is yellower. In some cases, like marine hardware or screws, the brass alloy contains tin to help prevent corrosion.


Tarnish: tarnish is the buildup of residue on the brass’s surface. As brass comprises zinc and copper, it tends to tarnish or oxidise. Tarnish is often mottled, featuring red, black, brown, and gray spots. Tarnishing is typical for antique brass and can be removed with a good quality brass cleaner. 


Lacquer: to prevent them from tarnishing, some brass items are lacquered. Over time this lacquer wears away or flakes off. If your antique brass item has a lacquered brass finish, it may wear unevenly. Older lacquered pieces often show patches of dullness or even small cracks or crazing. You can remove the lacquer if you like, but some people like the look of lacquered antique brass.


Check for Maker’s Marks: thoroughly check your brass item to search for a Maker’s Mark. This mark shows the piece is authentic antique brass and identifies where and when they made it. Check on the bottom or back of your brass antiques – they may appear as a collection of numbers, letters, or symbols.


Brass Décor – Modern Antique Brass Finishes

If you adore brass and want to feature brass items in your home, check out Brass Décor’s incredible range of brass cabinet hardware, doorknobsbathroom accessoriescurtain rods, and more.

Please explore the full range in our Nedlands showroom at 169 Stirling Highwaybrowse our product catalogues online, or call us on (08) 9386 6057 to find out what’s in stock to suit your period home.

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Bathroom Accessories You Need In Your Home

Whether you are renovating a private master retreat, a busy family bathroom, or a guest powder room, the accessories you choose can completely change the room’s look and feel. 


The bathroom plays a crucial role in your life; it should be a place you enjoy, day in and day out. Your bathroom is where everything comes together. Well-chosen items like fixtures, lighting, hardware, and accessories create a functional and beautiful space. Take time to find things that bring you joy when designing your bathroom renovation.


To help you create the perfect period bathroom, we’ve created this list of the ultimate accessories every bathroom needs. 


Cabinet hardware

From delicate vintage style knobs and pulls to traditional brass fittings, the cabinet hardware you choose can help define the character of your bathroom.


Sink Tapware

Take your bathroom design to the next level with period-style taps. Not only are they glorious to look at, but they are functional and hardwearing.


Bathroom lighting

Good lighting is essential to a successful bathroom design. Scones placed near the mirror brightly illuminate daily tasks. Consider flush-mounted ceiling fixtures to provide overall ambient light. If you are lucky enough to have a free-standing bathtub, why not install a statement pendant or chandelier for an added touch of luxury?


Bath and shower fixtures

Add a vintage brass tap with a shower nozzle if your heritage home has a free-standing bathtub. These versatile fixtures have options for mounting on the tub itself, to the wall next to the tub, or connected to free-standing supply lines rising from the floor. 


Bathroom door hardware

From the moment you turn the handle of the bathroom door to step through into your place of calm relaxation, you need to feel as if you are entering one cohesive space. Don’t neglect your bathroom door hardware. Choose a piece that complements the overall aesthetic of the bathroom. Upgrading your door handles and hinges to something you love will make your doors shine again.


Toilet Paper and Hand Towel Holders

It’s essential your toilet paper and hand towel holders are attractive and functional. Make sure you carefully consider where you place these accessories as you need them to be within reach! Coordinate them with your other bathroom accessories for a cohesive look.


Choose Brass Décor for your bathroom accessories

From hat and coat hooks to taps and hardware, Brass Décor offers an extensive range of bathroom accessories in Perth, Western Australia. We supply everything you need to create a beautifully accessorised bathroom, from Australian-made art deco tap handles to high-quality tap fittings.


Browse our catalogues online, give us a call or visit our showroom at 169 Stirling Highway to get a feel for the best tapware in Perth.


Contact our team today.

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Cabinet Handles – Why They Matter

Cabinet handles are functional, and they also add to the aesthetic of any room, complementing the overall design. When placed in bathrooms, laundries, en-suites, and wherever else you have cupboards, they need to be comfortable to use and durable.


It is worth investing in good quality, well-designed, ergonomic cabinet handles, as they will last you for years.


Why use cabinet handles?

We use cabinet handles to open and close joinery with ease, which is why it is essential to select a style that you can easily grip. If you can, visit a showroom and try out various designs, ensuring your hands fit comfortably into the handles you like. Pay attention to the overall feel and the edges – are they sharp or uncomfortable in any way? Kitchen cabinet handles get lots of daily use, and you must be happy with the feel and functionality of the design you choose.


Cabinet Handle Types

Cabinet handles are typically available in four models: knobs, T-Bars, pull handles, or edge pulls.


  • Cabinet Knobs: secured with a single fixing point, knobs are a simple solution and straightforward to install.
  • T-Bars: these look great either vertically or horizontally positioned.
  • Pull Handles: offering an upscale look, pull handles are functional and easy to use statement hardware.
  • Edge pulls: a modern and contemporary design, edge pulls lie at the top of the cabinetry for sleek, minimalistic style.


Material and Finish

Choosing a suitable material and finish for your cabinet handles depends on a few things. The priority is to choose a handle that matches the style of your kitchen. For example, if you have a traditional federation-style kitchen, choosing contemporary minimalistic chrome handles and tapware may look out of place. A soft bronze or brass could add elegance and authenticity, and porcelain handles are also stunning in a traditional kitchen.


Other finished include brass, glass, chrome, stainless steel, silver, brushed nickel, and matte black. If you need any advice on which cabinet handles are best for you, contact our friendly team at Brass Décor.


Handle Style

Think about the overall style and feel of your kitchen and your home. The cabinet handles you choose can influence the overall feel, so choose carefully.


Handle Size

Whether you are looking for kitchen cabinet handles or hardware for your laundry cupboards, handles are available in various lengths and sizes. Using the same length handle throughout any room, regardless of the drawers’ width, creates a cohesive, consistent look. If you’re not sure what size is correct, ask the team at Brass Décor for help.


Shop online at Brass Decor

Choose your cabinet handles from Perth’s respected period and bespoke hardware supplier, Brass Decor. We have an extensive range of period-perfect cabinet handles and hinges available to complement your kitchen design. We supply everything you need for a stunning and authentic period kitchen renovation.


Browse our catalogues online, give us a call or visit our showroom at 169 Stirling Highway to experience the best cabinet hardware in Perth.


Contact our team today.

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How To Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware To Match Your Décor

Cabinet hardware is the knobs and pulls attached to cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and bathroom. Hardware also refers to the hinges that allow the cabinet door to open. As you could probably guess, the main function of cabinet hardware is enabling easy access to the contents inside the cabinets and drawers.


What kinds of hardware are there?

The two most common types of kitchen hardware are knobs and pulls. Knobs are small, usually round, often seen on cabinet doors attached at a single point. Pulls are long, often used on drawers, and connect at two points. There is no set rule where you use the different types of hardware – it comes down to personal preference.


Choosing hardware style

The cabinet hardware you choose can help define your home’s overall style. Your hardware style is dependent on the type of cabinet doors and the overall design style of your home.


Match your cabinet hardware to your home decor

Have a look around your home. How would you define your style? Is your home modern and contemporary, or does it have more of a Heritage or Period feel? Every home or apartment has a unique style, and your kitchen cabinet hardware should match the rest of the house. 


Kitchen cabinet hardware is available in almost every style possible. If your home is modern, choose simple hardware with long clean lines. If your home has Art Deco elements, choose classic art deco style handles.


Kitchen Hardware functionality

Cabinet knobs are often round but do come in other shapes. Try to choose knobs and pulls that are comfortable on your hands – you’ll be using them lots. And, while it’s traditional to match your kitchen hardware finishes to your taps, you don’t have to. But keep in mind that matching cabinet hardware to your tap does create a cohesive look.


Consider the finish

Many people choose chrome or brushed nickel handles and knobs, but there are many other finishes available to add interest to your kitchen. Popular finishes include hand-finished antique brass, bronze (light to dark), matte black, satin brass, oil-rubbed bronze or aluminium.


Shop online at Brass Decor

From brass kitchen cabinet handles to timber and contoured cabinet handles, Brass Decor has what you need. We proudly offer Perth’s largest selection of architectural hardware in a range of metal finishes. We specialise in supplying hardware products and accessories for homes built in Perth from the 1840s -1950s but, we also cater for modern style. With over 25 years of experience in all facets of lighting and door décor in Perth, you’ll find your perfect kitchen handles with us.


Contact our team today if you are looking for brass, chrome, nickel, copper, stainless steel, bronze, or hand-finished antique brass kitchen cabinet handles.

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Bringing Art Deco Design into Your Home

Art Deco design never goes out of fashion – its geometric, simple, and symmetrical patterns add timeless sophistication and edge to any home. Originally appearing in France after World War I, the Art Deco style quickly spread worldwide due to its stylish interior colours and patterns. Art deco manages to complement both period homes and contemporary designs, adding flair and finesse to any room. It’s a look for confident homeowners as the eclectic glamour will elevate the simplest of spaces to new heights. But how do you seamlessly integrate art deco styling into your home? Read on to learn more.


Choose Shiny Metals

Modern homes often use brushed nickel fixtures and fittings for their handles and appliances. Add touches of Art Deco style by swapping these for shiny metals. In the 1920s and ’30s, people used metals to line furniture and make things shine as they loved bronze and chrome accent pieces. Use this trend in your home by adding shiny metal accent pieces and finishes.


Choose Geometric Designs

Symmetry is crucial for any Art Deco interior design. Look for creative forms and patterns in light fittings to add Art Deco flair. Products like wallpaper, bedding, and curtains are the perfect accent pieces for any Art Deco design.


Choose Bold Colours

The Art Deco period used contrasting colour choices to modernise interior spaces. Choose bright, luxurious throw rugs and cushions to accessorise in Art Deco style.


Install Retro Art Deco Light fittings and Fixtures

Lighting is a pivotal element in any home, but it is imperative to be brave when decorating in Art Deco style. Choose oversized statement pieces. Consider layering chandeliers to make an impact and look for bronze, chrome, brass, or crystal styles. If you want to emulate an intimate 1920’s deco parlour feel, place ornate lamps around your home, remembering that symmetry is key to the aesthetic so choose pairs. Add brass-accented cocktail tables or a stunning chrome claw-footed tub in your bathroom to really demonstrate your commitment to this interior design style.


Bring Art Deco into your Perth home

While Art Deco design has specific roots in history, it’s a look that is still trending in homes today. Embrace contrasting colours, metallic surfaces, and the geometric style of this aesthetic by selecting glamorous finishes and plush textiles.


Shop online at Brass Decor

Choose your art deco accessories from Perth’s respected period and bespoke period supplier, Brass Decor. We have an extensive range of pieces available to complement your home’s unique style.


Browse our catalogues online, give us a call or visit our showroom at 169 Stirling Highway to view some of the best art deco handles and light fittings in Perth.


Contact our team today.

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Creating The Perfect Traditional Bathroom 1000 667 bemedia

Creating The Perfect Traditional Bathroom

Here at Brass Decor, we are passionate about period homes and accessories. We thought we’d show you how to create the perfect traditional (federation) style bathroom in your home. The Traditional style home holds a special place in the heart of many Australians. They are full of charm and laced with nostalgia, a timeless aesthetic that remains a popular choice, even in modern builds.


Read on to learn more about all the elements you’ll need to create a traditional bathroom in your house.


Basin / Sink

There are plenty of options available, from inset basins and under-counter basins to consoles and pedestals. We stock a small range of bathroom basins in various styles, so give us a call and we’ll help find the perfect piece for your Heritage, Period, Art Deco, or contemporary style bathroom.


Tapware & Accessories

Traditionally, chrome is a safe choice for classic style, but antique brass and copper offer extra elegance and glamour, or for a modern twist, consider brushed nickel or matte black or PVD covered tapware. PVD coating (Physical Vapor Deposition coating) is a high-tech process that covers the tapware to provide high-performance durability – extending the life of your accessories. Also, try to match your door hardware to the taps as well to create a cohesive space.


Toilet Suite

Modern Traditional style toilets come with new technology and are available in various configurations such as the back-to-wall suite, wall-faced pan, or even wall-hung models.

Choose a Waterwise option if possible.


Floor Tiles

It’s hard to go past black and white chequered tiles in a traditional bathroom setting, but wooden floorboards are also an excellent choice.


Subtle Greys and soft hues

Soft, muted greys and colours imbue a classic, timeless feel to traditional bathrooms. They create an elegant, calming environment to help you soak the stresses of the day away.



Good, functional lighting in a bathroom is imperative for conducting your ablutions in a well-lit environment. It’s also essential to create ambience in the bathroom, and lighting is one of the best ways to do that. Consider using brighter lights in traditional style fixtures around the mirror and add mood lighting closer to the bath – or take advantage of a dimmer switch.


If you’d like some assistance selecting the perfect federation-style bathroom products for your traditional bathroom project, the Brass Décor team is always ready to help.


Shop online at Brass Decor

Choose your bathroom accessories from Perth’s respected period supplier. We have an extensive range of period-perfect tapware and bathroom accessories available. From Australian-made art deco tap handles to high-quality tap fittings, we supply everything you need for a hassle-free and affordable bathroom renovation.


Browse our catalogues online, give us a call or visit our showroom at 169 Stirling Highway to get a feel for the best tapware in Perth.


Contact our team today.

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Choosing The Perfect Curtain Rod: When Details Matter 1000 667 bemedia

Choosing The Perfect Curtain Rod: When Details Matter

The humble curtain rod is the quiet achiever of window treatments. Along with providing support for curtains, the right rod and window dressing combination can transform the look and feel of your room.


Read on to learn more about choosing the right brass curtain rods for your room.


Choosing Curtain Rods

At Brass Decor, we are passionate about every element of your interior design. Each piece should work together to create a cohesive and elegant feel. When you focus on the details, it influences the whole.


Your brass curtain rods should complement the room’s aesthetics, and the first step in choosing your rod is selecting the correct size.


Choosing the right sized curtain rod

First, accurately measure your windows. Typically aim for a curtain rod that extends 76 mm – 102 mm on either side of the window frame as this makes your windows appear bigger.


Standard curtain rod sizes

Curtain rod size depends on the window, and many curtain rods are adjustable.


Measuring tips

It’s essential to measure your windows accurately. Follow these simple tips:


  1. Measure twice to double-check your work, and round to the nearest 6 mm Measure each window, as even if you think two windows are the same size, it’s unlikely
  2. Add an extra to your measurements if you want to use finials.

Which curtain rods you choose will depend on the material and weight of your curtains. Heavy damask curtains should be paired with thicker brass curtain poles at least one inch thick, while thinner rods are best for lighter, sheer fabrics.


Choosing a suitable material for your curtain rod

Wood and metal are the most popular curtain rod finishes and work well in most rooms or homes. Brass finishes add sophistication and style to any heritage or period home. Boasting top-tier finishes, our selection of antique-styled curtain rod brackets and poles are the perfect addition to your period home.


The finishing touches

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect curtain rod, it’s time to add finishing touches with some accessories.


Finials: these are the decorative pieces that sit on the end of your curtain rods. Finials prevent curtains from sliding off.


Tiebacks: these hold your curtains back from the window when they are open and are a glamourous touch to any room.


Complete the look with Brass Décor

We know that choosing the right curtains rods can be challenging. Brass Décor’s range of period curtain rods is the perfect finish to any character home, from brass curtain poles to finials and tiebacks. Let us help you with your selection.


Please find our full range of curtain rods and period-specific finishes in our Nedlands showroom at 169 Stirling Highwaybrowse our product catalogues online, or call us on (08) 9386 6057 to find out what’s in stock to suit your period home.

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