• October 22, 2021

How To Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware To Match Your Décor

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How To Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware To Match Your Décor

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Cabinet hardware is the knobs and pulls attached to cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and bathroom. Hardware also refers to the hinges that allow the cabinet door to open. As you could probably guess, the main function of cabinet hardware is enabling easy access to the contents inside the cabinets and drawers.


What kinds of hardware are there?

The two most common types of kitchen hardware are knobs and pulls. Knobs are small, usually round, often seen on cabinet doors attached at a single point. Pulls are long, often used on drawers, and connect at two points. There is no set rule where you use the different types of hardware – it comes down to personal preference.


Choosing hardware style

The cabinet hardware you choose can help define your home’s overall style. Your hardware style is dependent on the type of cabinet doors and the overall design style of your home.


Match your cabinet hardware to your home decor

Have a look around your home. How would you define your style? Is your home modern and contemporary, or does it have more of a Heritage or Period feel? Every home or apartment has a unique style, and your kitchen cabinet hardware should match the rest of the house. 


Kitchen cabinet hardware is available in almost every style possible. If your home is modern, choose simple hardware with long clean lines. If your home has Art Deco elements, choose classic art deco style handles.


Kitchen Hardware functionality

Cabinet knobs are often round but do come in other shapes. Try to choose knobs and pulls that are comfortable on your hands – you’ll be using them lots. And, while it’s traditional to match your kitchen hardware finishes to your taps, you don’t have to. But keep in mind that matching cabinet hardware to your tap does create a cohesive look.


Consider the finish

Many people choose chrome or brushed nickel handles and knobs, but there are many other finishes available to add interest to your kitchen. Popular finishes include hand-finished antique brass, bronze (light to dark), matte black, satin brass, oil-rubbed bronze or aluminium.


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