• September 17, 2021

Bringing Art Deco Design into Your Home

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Bringing Art Deco Design into Your Home

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Art Deco design never goes out of fashion – its geometric, simple, and symmetrical patterns add timeless sophistication and edge to any home. Originally appearing in France after World War I, the Art Deco style quickly spread worldwide due to its stylish interior colours and patterns. Art deco manages to complement both period homes and contemporary designs, adding flair and finesse to any room. It’s a look for confident homeowners as the eclectic glamour will elevate the simplest of spaces to new heights. But how do you seamlessly integrate art deco styling into your home? Read on to learn more.


Choose Shiny Metals

Modern homes often use brushed nickel fixtures and fittings for their handles and appliances. Add touches of Art Deco style by swapping these for shiny metals. In the 1920s and ’30s, people used metals to line furniture and make things shine as they loved bronze and chrome accent pieces. Use this trend in your home by adding shiny metal accent pieces and finishes.


Choose Geometric Designs

Symmetry is crucial for any Art Deco interior design. Look for creative forms and patterns in light fittings to add Art Deco flair. Products like wallpaper, bedding, and curtains are the perfect accent pieces for any Art Deco design.


Choose Bold Colours

The Art Deco period used contrasting colour choices to modernise interior spaces. Choose bright, luxurious throw rugs and cushions to accessorise in Art Deco style.


Install Retro Art Deco Light fittings and Fixtures

Lighting is a pivotal element in any home, but it is imperative to be brave when decorating in Art Deco style. Choose oversized statement pieces. Consider layering chandeliers to make an impact and look for bronze, chrome, brass, or crystal styles. If you want to emulate an intimate 1920’s deco parlour feel, place ornate lamps around your home, remembering that symmetry is key to the aesthetic so choose pairs. Add brass-accented cocktail tables or a stunning chrome claw-footed tub in your bathroom to really demonstrate your commitment to this interior design style.


Bring Art Deco into your Perth home

While Art Deco design has specific roots in history, it’s a look that is still trending in homes today. Embrace contrasting colours, metallic surfaces, and the geometric style of this aesthetic by selecting glamorous finishes and plush textiles.


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