• April 6, 2021

Door Furniture: Which Kind Is Right For Your Home?

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Door Furniture: Which Kind Is Right For Your Home?

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Of all the steps in renovating or building your home, many people might consider choosing door furniture an afterthought. But, it’s worth remembering that you’ll probably use each door handle multiple times a day, so they need to be functional and long-lasting, and they need to match the look, feel, and style of your home. A carefully selected door handle or doorknob will last for years and will accent each room to perfection.


Badly designed, poorly made door furniture will annoy you every time you use it. But how do you choose the right handle or knob for your home? Read on for Brass Décor’s top tips to picking door hardware for your doors.


First up, you need to decide whether you want a handle or knob?

These are two different things, with pros and cons to each.


Door handles

The lever on regular door handles helps increase grip and allows people with limited strength and dexterity to easily use them rather than grip a smooth round doorknob. This lever is perfect for those living in their forever home, ensuring accessibility for years to come.



Doorknobs are typically round or square and are operated by grasping and twisting to open the mechanism. For older people or those with reduced strength, doorknobs can sometimes be challenging.


When deciding between a door handle or a doorknob, it often comes down to personal preference and how they match your home’s overall style. There are many different designs and finishes for both, including material (brass, wrought iron, etc.), finish (antique brass, bronze, chrome and brushed or antique nickel), style (Colonial to Modern periods and including the Edwardian, Art deco and Mid-Century Modern) and colour.


Interior style

Is your home modern and contemporary? Or is it a heritage-listed cottage in the foothills of Perth? Each home will have a different style, and the door furniture should accent and complement this style. It would look strange to have ultra-modern, sleek metal handles in a home that has been renovated to traditional standards.


If your house contains a mishmash of styles, blending old and new throughout, you consider choosing door hardware room by room. Here at Brass Décor, we specialise in supplying hardware products and accessories for homes built in Perth from the 1840s -1950s. With over 25 years of experience in all facets of lighting and door décor in Perth, you are sure to find your perfect handle or knob with us.


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