• April 8, 2021

Types Of Light Fittings And Fixtures For Your Home

light fittings and fixtures

Types Of Light Fittings And Fixtures For Your Home

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You may not realise it, but lighting is the subtle element that brings your interior design to the next level. We are passionate about light fittings and fixtures here at Brass Décor and love sharing tips on getting the most out of your lighting options. From glistening chandeliers and bespoke ceiling lights to lamps, wall sconces, brass light fittings, and more, read on to learn about different types of light fittings and fixtures.


Types of lighting

Gone are the days of stark overhead strip lighting (the 80s were terrible). Instead, layer your lighting to create different moods. Here at Brass Décor, we stock a wide range of light fittings and fixtures destined to make your interior space feel welcoming and luxurious.


There are three main types of indoor lighting, and a well-designed room will include all of them. They are:


Ambient: This is also known as general lighting, and this light fills the majority of the room, allowing you to move around safely. Typical forms of ambient lighting are recessed lighting, track lighting, or wall-mounted fixtures.


Accent: This is used to highlight a focal point. Standard accent lighting includes picture lights, wall-mounted-fixtures, or track lighting. Ask for these lights to come with dimmers so you can change the room’s mood, depending on how you are using them.


Task: this type of lighting is used to assist in the completion of a particular job. Common types of task lighting include desk lamps for work, pendant lights in the kitchen for cooking, and outdoor lights, lighting the path to the front door.


Consider the size and aesthetics of your lighting fittings and fixtures

If your house is a mid-century design, consider pared-back simple fittings and fixtures that don’t overwhelm the space.


If your house is a traditional cottage, consider featuring period pieces to accent and complement each room.


Choose your fixtures to match your home

We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but try to ensure that whatever fittings and fixtures you choose match the style of the rest of the house. And remember, your light switches are as important as the lights you choose. Make sure they fit your preferred aesthetic.


Brass Décor strives to ensure that our lighting range is affordable and brimming with variety. Our light fittings and switches are available in styles such as antique brass, bronze, and chrome.


Tapware and bathroom accessories

Good lighting is also crucial in the bathroom. Bathrooms are a vital part of your everyday routine, and you need to make sure every element in your bathroom fills you with joy. Brass Décor has a range of tapware and bathroom accessories available to match your lighting options. Enjoy the sleek finishes of our bathroom fittings, including brass, chrome, satin chrome, bronze, black and white porcelain, nickel, and copper. All styled to match your lighting fittings and fixtures.


Why choose Bras Décor for your lighting fittings, fixtures, and bathroom accessories in Perth?

As trusted suppliers and experts in the business, Brass Decor has an incredible range of products for you to consider. We pride ourselves on providing only the finest products available.


Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you find the perfect products for your home.

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